What to expect

In the therapeutic work we create the conditions for change to happen. This usually begins with establishing a place of safety, developing curiosity about what is happening, and getting to know your own strengths and resources.

Sometimes this happens quickly and sometimes it takes time. We all go at our own pace. Gestalt therapy takes the view that we are all creative beings, capable of discovering our own resources and transforming and growing throughout life. I couldn’t agree more.

Particular benefits include:

Increased self-acceptance and self-compassion
Freedom from old habits and patterns
New ways of relating to others
Increased capacity for intimacy in relationships
Improved regulation of emotions or increased ability to experience a range of emotions (depending on your aims)
Increased capacity for joy and connection

I work in a way which explores how to be with and move through suffering, and also how to actively support joy and satisfaction in life. Sessions can take different forms depending on what you are interested in doing. I work with talking therapy, movement and dreams, and explain a bit about each below.

Talking Therapy

In talking therapy I offer presence and space for you to explore your world and your experiences, to make sense of them and find your own solutions to difficulties.

I listen, offer empathy, acceptance, understanding and supportive challenge when the time is right.

Going at your pace, I offer tools for deepening awareness of how you experience your emotions as you talk.

My intention and hope for this process is that it is empowering and growthful for you.

Working with movement

Emotions are experienced both in the body and also in the mind (Ven Der Kolk 2005). When we are stuck we can hold emotional patterns in the body and sometimes our habitual ways of moving support habitual emotional habits that we are trying to change.

By bringing more awareness to what is happening in your body, how you hold yourself and how you move, a deeper understanding of your situation can emerge. By exploring old and new ways of moving, a whole new world of possibilities can open up.

Finding a new movement can provide access to a new way of being which can support change in your life.

Movement work is best supported by developing curiosity, playfulness and safety.


Working with dreams can be a very effective way of accessing and developing new or undiscovered parts of yourself, for example your resources, strength and creativity.

The gestalt approach to dreamwork supports you to develop your understanding of the dream, exploring different elements of the dream and how to integrate the learning from the dream so that it may lead to new ways of being and relating in the world.

We do this by including the body as well as the mind in our exploration – by feeling into the elements of the dream you can build on your intellectual interpretation to discover more.


The cost is £50 per session. Please enquire about concessionary rates if you are on a low income (under £16k), have a disability, or are a family carer.

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If you'd like to find out more or book an appointment, please contact me. I offer sessions both in person and online.

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