Moving through suffering, supporting joy and growth

Edinburgh Gestalt Therapy

You may be interested in therapy because you are facing specific difficulties: anxiety, depression, trauma, loss and grief or any other kind of suffering.

These experiences are part of the fabric of life but often we are not well supported to face these issues, embrace the mud and allow the lotus flower of happiness to blossom again and again.

Sometimes we can get really stuck in a place that we don’t want to stay but we are unsure how to get out.

Therapy can help with this.
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About me

Gillian Allan Headshot
My name is Gillian Allan PhD. I am a gestalt therapist in senior clinical training. Relationships, emotions and body work have always been of great interest to me.

Before I trained in Gestalt, I completed PhD research on the topic of friendship and I also trained as a Feldenkrais movement practitioner.

I have also worked in community development with adults with learning disabilities for 7 years. This work takes a person-centred approach to developing people’s and communities’ capacities for growth and change.

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If you'd like to find out more or book an appointment, please contact me. I offer sessions both in person and online.

Gillian Allan PhD

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